Agile Testing

Agile Testing Training

SQTL is one the recognized Agile Testing training institutes in Pune. Learn Scrum testing and also prepare you for Agile Testing Certification and help you to become Scrum Agile Master.

This course provides experience in managing and controlling Agile Software Testing projects, looking at the underlying philosophy and motivation for this trend in software testing /development and examining the core practices. The course does not teach any specific tool or technique but provides an introduction to the Agile Methods that will enable the participants to make informed decisions regarding practices that will be effective for their own organizations.

Agile Testing Training Course Contents:

Module 1: Agile concepts
Module 2: The Agile Life cycle
Module 3: The Scrum Team
Module 4: Agile Engineering practices
Module 5: Agile testing strategies
Module 6: Test strategy planning
Module 7: Testing in iterations
Module 8: Estimation in Agile
Module 9: Testing outside sprints
Module 10: Test metrics
Module 11: Test automation

Case Studies and exercises

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