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Certificate program in business analytics for executives (CPBAE)- IIM Lucknow

This course is taught jointly by faculty from IIM Lucknow and Kelley School of Business. The course is divided in 4 modules and requires a residency in each module. In addition, there is a tie-up with SAS for E-Miner training at the end. The positives for the course include 2 (or 3 if you take up SAS training) big brands backing it up with a wide range of topics.

The main discontent with the past participants of the programme has been the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what is required on the job. As per discussions with one of past participants (with 6 years of experience in IT before taking this course) “The focus on practical aspects and applications needs to be higher.”

Institute IIM Lucknow
Duration 6-12 Months Location Lucknow
Level Beginner Starts On Contact Institute
Country India Categories Business Analytics
Mode Hybrid Views 11664

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The program will have both in-residence and online learning channels so that participants need not take long breaks from their work but at the same time get benefits of a continuous learning environment. To facilitate such learning environment, this program will use ANGEL course management system, an online learning platform to deliver some portion of every module. In addition, participants will be required to complete four on-campus residencies at IIML campus.


  • The program is jointly taught by highly experienced faculty from IIM Lucknow, India and the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA.
  • A combination of class room and an online learning platform is used. It offers flexibility since the participants can access the internet and attend online classes from any location.
  • Training on enterprise miner by SAS Institute (India) Private Limited.

The certificate program consisting of 240 hours is divided into four modules. Each module will have residency requirement and some part of the module will be delivered over Internet via ANGEL course management system.