Webservices/Rest API Testing with SoapUI +Real time Projects

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What you'll learn

  • At the end of this Course you will get complete knowledge on Web services, API and their functionality
  • You will learn How to test Webservices and REST API using SoapUI
  • You will be able to develop robust Automation scripts for all the API tests using SoapUI features
  • You will learn new language called groovy to automate webservices with SoapUI inbuilt methods
  • You will be able to develop robust automation Framework for API's testcases
  • You will understand the importance and procedure of Mocking the webservices
  • You will learn basic SQL concepts and procedure for database testing using SoapUI
  • Will get clear picture on Security Testing using SoapUI
  • You will understand how to generate neat reports for execution results


  • ******You need NOT have Webservices Testing experience to start this course********* Even non-Programming candidates can follow this course comfortably
  • Though these are online Lectures. You will have Lifetime instructor support. You can post your Queries in discussion board or can contact me directly, Will respond in less than 12 hours
  • All Installation setup including SoapUI setup knowledge is taken care as part of course
  • Theoretical Material, Code dump and Interview Guide are available for download
  • Join in our SoapUI Training community with (6500+ Students) Learning Together which you will not see in any other SoapUI online course
  • We have 2 dedicated Trainers who can help in answering students queries along with resume preparation, Interview preparation and Job assistance


• ***Lectures Last updated on October 1st with Soap/Rest Hybrid Framework + TestNG +Jenkins ***
Course is designed in such a way that the user can start the things from the very scratch without any prior knowledge on  Soap Web services and REST API
************************************************************************************************************IIncludes :17+ hours Lectures on API testing (Manual + Automation) with 7 real time projects  +Framework design + Groovy Scripting + SoapUI Pro + API load testing + SoapUI Database testing +Interview questions+ life time Trainer support +  on Demand Skype sessions + 21 thousand Students learning forum + 100 Pages detailed Material
On course completion You will be Mastered in REST API/Webservices Testing and can implement Successfully it in your workplace or will surely land on High Paying Job
  ************************************************** **************************************************
    So what makes this course Unique in the Market?
We assume that students have no experience in API Testing and start every topic from scratch and basics.
  This Course explains
  ·What are the Webservices and API’s
 ·How to Test the Webservices using Soap UI
Manual Testing of Services and API’s using SoapUI tool
Groovy Scripting Basics
·How to Automate the Webservices Testcases in Soap UI with Groovy
·Differences between Soap UI and Soap UI Pro
 ·Soap UI Pro Features
 What are Rest API
 Manual Testing of REST API’s using SoapUI tool
Automation of Rest API’s using SoapUI Groovy and Script Assertions
SoapUI Framework development from scratch using TestNG, Jenkins and Java API
·Security Testing with Soap UI
·Database Testing with Soap UI
 Soap UI Integration with Eclipse 

By the End of this Course you will understand the webservice and API specifications and write all kind of effective Manual and Automation testcases (Functional/Security/Data Base Testcases) for services in Soap UI by using all the available features on Tool

Who this course is for:
• This Course is best Suited for
• Manual Testers who want to Learn Webservices Testing
• Functional Automation Testers to extend their scripting on webservices
• Penetration Testers to understand Security flaws
• Any Graduate who want to kick start their carrier into testing

Course content

  • Course FAQ’s (Must Watch)
  • What are Webservices? Understand with Live example
  • Explaining Types of Webservices. -Soap and REST
  • What is WSDL? Importance of it in Webservices
  • Differences between WSDL and Soap Protocol
  • SoapUI Installation/Documentation
  • Calculator Web Service Example
  • Creating Test suites and testcases
  • Important Note
  • Local Webservice installation for practise
  • Explaining Webservice operations in detail
  • Basic Assertions for Test validations
  • Advanced Assertions for validating responses
  • Strategy to use Xpath assertions in Tests
  • Properties Access-Data driven Strategy
  • Accessing properties from Testcase, Suite and project level
  • How to send values from response to another request-Property Transfer End to end exercises
  • Introduction to Groovy Script Test step
  • Importance of Test Runner and Context variable
  • test Runner methods for get and set Property()
  • Accessing and updating the properties through Groovy methods
  • Parsing the Xml requests and responses with XML Holder API
  • Triggering the Soap Requests through Groovy code
  • Practise Exercises- Automate the services
  • Validating the service responses with Assertions
  • Code download
  • REST API concepts
  • REST API – Types of HTTP Methods
  • Practical example on GET and POST
  • Add Place Post Http Example using SoapUI
  • End to End Test with SoapUI features on POST http API
  • Code Google Add/Delete Place download
  • Flicker API Introduction
  • Json Path extraction from responses
  • Json Assertions on parsed responses
  • Advance example on Json Assertions
  • Framework Design Plan
  • Understand Preparing API Tests from the functional Documents
  • API Document download
  • Building Rest API project in SoapUI
  • Create Testcases from the defined API
  • End to End Testing on Library API
  • API xml’s download
  • Install Eclipse and Java for API Automation testing
  • Creation of Java API project for Framework setup
  • WSDL Project concepts for Java tests set up
  • TestNG Integration to the Java API Tests
  • Different combinations of Tests for WSDL API
  • Defining Testng.xml file for one single Trigger point to all tests
  • TestNG commands
  • Commands to trigger TestNG Java API Tests
  • HTML Reports and Jenkins Installation
  • Integrating the framework with Jenkins
  • Code download
  • Basics of Pro version
  • Data Source
  • Data Sink
  • DatGen types
  • Testcase Debugging, Breakpoints
  • Reporting Techniques
  • Jasper Reports and Web Recording
  • List of Security Threats
  • Security Testcases
  • Security Testing-Practical example
  • Database concepts
  • Creating Database from scratch
  • SoapUI JDBC connection
  • SQL Queries Testing with SoapUI features
  • SQL Builder- SoapUI Pro
  • Performance Testing tool used for Testing REST API
  • Putting Load on REST Calls
  • Interview Questions – Part 1
  • Interview Questions -Part 2
  • Interview Questions – Part 3
  • Interview Questions – Part 4
  • Interview Questions download
  • Introduction to SQL and MySQL
  • Downloading MySQL server with workbench
  • Overview of SQL Editor with basic features
  • creating Database and pointing to it
  • Creating Tables in database
  • Inserting records into Table
  • Retrieving records from the Table
  • Select Distinct keyword in queries
  • SQL WHERE command usage
  • Logical operators on Queries AND OR – 1
  • Regular expressions Introduction
  • Logical operators ‘In’ ‘Between’- 2
  • Wild cards usage in Queries -1
  • SQL glossary on discussed topics
  • Using Script Assertions window methods
  • Message Exchange, Context variables usage
  • Declaring Namespaces for effective XPATH identification
  • End to end examples on REST API -1
  • End to end examples on REST API -2
  • Code xml download
  • Basic Programmes
  • Groovy operators, Datatypes
  • Loops, Arrays List
  • Bonus lecture-Discount coupons for other Automation courses
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