Diploma in Software Testing – Shape Your Career Today!

Diploma in software testing is for those students who want to get trained and become well versed with the latest prevailing trends in the software testing industry and apply the same in their area of work in the field of software testing.

The purpose of Diploma in Software Testing – How does it help graduates and students?

The purpose behind designing the diploma course of software testing is primarily to train and shape new entrants in the IT field including students and make them into trained professionals of software testing to face the challenges of the industry.

By enrolling for a diploma course in software testing, a student can graduate from learning the basics of software testing to the highly advanced concepts of software testing including automation testing.

Most software testing training institutes such as  SQTL give the students with the opportunity to get an 

Over and above the students even get counseled on many areas such as the following:

  • Preparation of Resume
  • Guidance in developing interview skills.
  • Assistance in getting through the interview board.

Getting a Diploma in Software Testing enables students to face the tough challenge that awaits them in the competitive field of software testing.  SQTL, a leading Institute in Pune offers high-end training in software testing to students with hands-on practice with project exposure.

Ever increasing demand for software professionals in the software testing field

Software testing is one of the most highly specialized jobs in the information technology industry. This is the reason why it is highly sought after by students and other professionals who want to make a mark in their career and take it to greater heights. The ever-increasing competitive pressure globally makes it crucial for the IT companies to not only deliver the software on with no bugs to least amount. This is the reason for an ever-growing demand for software professionals who can deliver the software testing in a precise manner and that too on time.

Benefits of getting Diploma Certificate in software testing from SQTL

Procuring a diploma in software testing from a leading software testing training Institute such as SQTL, enables a person in gaining focused hands-on training from some of the leading testing professionals of the industry.

Being a structured learning program, it consists of the perfect balance of theory as well as practical training sessions thus providing the right training to become a qualified as well as a certified software tester.

The period of the course of software testing comprises of one and half a month making it very convenient for students to get skilled for job that would give them livelihood.

Many new technologies may come and go but software testing is such a field that is likely to stay forever mainly because irrespective of the technology that would be used, every application would need testing.

Software testing done on a basic level does not need very high testing skills.  A person who is endowed with analytical skills can do a good job even if he or she does not own great programming skills.

With great growth prospects and ever-increasing job opportunities both nationally and internationally, this is the perfect career choice for today’s youngsters.

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