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Which programmes are covered in these rankings?

As part of these rankings, we are covering only long duration courses (more than 9 months). We are not covering short term certification courses here. Those will be done in a separate article shortly. Also, we have excluded MOOCs from the rankings as they would form a different consideration.

So, here are the rankings:

1. Certified Program in Business Analytics (CBA) – Indian School of Business: .

The offering from Indian School of Business (ISB) keeps on holding the best spot in this year rankings also. The course covers a few points and is keep running in an organization where the understudies need to go to classrooms each substitute month. The course utilizes innovation supported stage amid the times of no classroom. There is plentiful industry communication and a 3 – 6 month extend toward the finish of the course. With the ISB brand and tie-up with SAS, the course gives practically everything a man would have longed for!

We say nearly on the grounds that the main thing which conflicts with the course is impressively higher expenses contrasted with different courses. Add the cost of making a trip to Hyderabad each substitute month and you may wind up reconsidering, regardless of the possibility that you get chosen for the program.

Institute Indian School of Business (ISB
Duration 12 -24 Month Location Hyderabad
Level Beginner Starts On 16-Dec-2016
Country India Categories Business Analytics
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The Programme is designed on a schedule that minimizes of work and personal persuits. The program is a combination of classroom and Technology aided learning platform. Participants will typically be on campus for a 5 day schedule of classroom learning every alternate month for a span of 12 months, which would ideally be planned to include a weekend.

In the month of no classroom connect, the classes will be conducted over a technology aided learning platform. The contact hours in this platform would be 56 hours a month and every alternate month.

CBA is a rigorous and challenging programme. The schedule will include full days of teaching and evenings will be used for guest lectures, projects, and group work. Participants will be required to stay on campus during those classroom days.

Tie-up- Biocon Foundation

2. PGPBA – Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai and Gurgaon

Extraordinary Lakes touched base with its examination program somewhat late into the amusement, yet when it came – it came in style! It comes nearest to challenge ISB with its emphasis on organized considering and business application. The configuration is again a blend of classroom and tech helped stage. Noteworthy industry communication, tie-up with SQTL Academy to convey online substance and alternative to look over 2 goal are a portion of the reasons why this course makes it to this spot.

Our discontent with this course is for the most part the absence of concentrate on a specific instrument. While apparatus is just an unfortunate obligation, profundity on no less than one instrument would make the offering extremely convincing. You can read point by point survey about the program here.

Institute Great Lakes Institute
Duration 6-12 Months Location Gurgaon
Level Executives Starts On Contact Institute
Country India Categories Business Analytics
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The Great Lakes’ Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics is designed for executives who want to build their careers in the analytics industry. The Program covers essentials of business management, deep dives into the study of business analytics and provides hands on training on analytical tools and technologies that are used by companies worldwide.

Some of the unique features of the Program are enlisted below:

The curriculum provides a detailed study in analytics alongwith covering general management subjects and specialised domain areas such as Retail, BFSI, Healthcare, E-commerce and Energy.

The courses are taught by eminent faculty from Great Lakes and senior executives from leading analytics companies.

The Program provides the candidates with hands on exposure to tools such as SAS, Tableau and actual
industry case studies through virtual labs, assignments and project

The blended delivery model (classroom and online) of the Program makes it convenient for working professionals to attend classroom sessions without having to quit their jobs and also, pace their learning through online sessions.

Program Partners:

Technology & Administration Partner:Beacon Learning

Online Content Partner

Academic Partner:Great Lakes Institute Management

3. Certificate program in business analytics for executives (CPBAE)- IIM Lucknow .

This course is educated mutually by personnel from IIM Lucknow and Kelley School of Business. The course is partitioned in 4 modules and requires a residency in every module. Likewise, there is a tie-up with SAS for E-Miner preparing toward the end. The positives for the course incorporate 2 (or 3 in the event that you take up SAS preparing) enormous brands backing it up with an extensive variety of themes.

The fundamental discontent with the past members of the program has been the hole between what is educated in the classroom and what is required at work. According to dialogs with one of past members (with 6 years of involvement in IT before taking this course) “The emphasis on useful angles and applications should be higher.”

Institute IIM Lucknow
Duration 6-12 Months Location Lucknow
Level Beginner Starts On Contact Institute
Country India Categories Business Analytics
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The program will have both in-residence and online learning channels so that participants need not take long breaks from their work but at the same time get benefits of a continuous learning environment. To facilitate such learning environment, this program will use ANGEL course management system, an online learning platform to deliver some portion of every module. In addition, participants will be required to complete four on-campus residencies at IIML campus.


  • The program is jointly taught by highly experienced faculty from IIM Lucknow, India and the Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA.
  • A combination of class room and an online learning platform is used. It offers flexibility since the participants can access the internet and attend online classes from any location.
  • Training on enterprise miner by SAS Institute (India) Private Limited.

The certificate program consisting of 240 hours is divided into four modules. Each module will have residency requirement and some part of the module will be delivered over Internet via ANGEL course management system.

4. Executive Programme in Business Analytics – IIM Kolkata

The course is spread over a year and is separated in 10 modules. With just 2 visits on the grounds, lion’s share of the course is conveyed through Hughes Education. While the program has bring down work encounter necessity contrasted with a portion of the partners, moderately bring down classroom connections settle on it a less coveted decision. Once more, the attention is on covering a scope of points and the hypothesis behind them rather than down to earth applications at work.

Institute IIM Calcutta
Duration 6-12 Months Location Kolkata
Level Beginner Starts On Contact Institute
Country India Categories Business Analytics
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This executive 1 year long distance program is designed to expose participants to state of the art tools and techniques of analytics The program coverage would include discussion on topics such as Data Mining, Soft Computing, Design of Experiments, Survey Sampling, Statistical Inference, Investment Management, Financial Modeling, Advanced marketing Research etc.

The overall value gained at the end of the program is expected to be a solid foundation in topics needed for building capabilities to take on the new form of competition.

The Executive Program in Business Analytics is conducted by IIM Calcutta in association with Hughes Education. IIM Calcutta shall carry out the examination and evaluation required for certification. IIM Calcutta will directly award a certificate to participants who complete the programme successfully.

Program Benefits

  • Expose participants to state of the art tools and techniques of analytics.
  • The programme coverage would include discussion on topics such as Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing, Data Envelopment Analysis, Design of Experiments, Survey Sampling, Statistical Inference, Investment Management, Financial Modeling for Risk management, Advanced marketing Research etc.
  • A solid foundation in topics needed for building capabilities to take on the new form of competition.

5. Business analytics and Intelligence – IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore was most likely the pioneer in beginning the one year official program in Analytics. This course is again a blend of classroom and online stage, with a discretionary module to cover SAS E-Miner toward the end. The positives incorporate a course which covers extensive variety of calculations and points and is upheld by the brand of an IIM.

Institute IIM Banglore
Duration 6-12 Months Location Bangalore
Level Beginner Starts On 19-Jun-2016
Country India Categories Business Analytics
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The course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of handling data and Business Analytics’ tools that can be used for fact-based decision-making. The course consists of six modules and a project. The duration of each module is 5 days. In addition there is an optional module on, “Applied Analytics using SAS Enterprise Miner” which shall be carried out by SAS Institute’s analytical consultants and is mapped on to the international predictive modeling certification using SAS enterprise miner.

The programme will be conducted live in the classroom at IIMB. The sessions will be beamed instantaneously across selected cities in India through Reliance Web World outlets using video conferencing facilities that allow a large number of geographically dispersed participants to participate in highly interactive sessions with the faculty.

All the information mentioned about any Executive Programs is only for Informational purpose. SQTL do not take any ownership or responsibility for these programs. Also we are not an affiliated partner to any of these programs. Students are requested to use their own brain while finalizing the institute.