Hadoop Training & Placement in Pune: The Current Scenario

The millennium age is rightly termed as the age of “Data”. The past few decades have been witness to the enormous activity taking place in the virtual area. Though the presence of internet has been there for some time. Only in the last few decades, it has taken momentum.

With Internet having reached most of the every household and easily becoming accessible to millions of people, the concept of data also came into the picture. The access to various technological devices due to tremendous technological advancement has lead to the generation of data on a large-scale and that too at a great speed. The data thus generated proved very beneficial for various companies doing business. This saw the beginning of a new branch of study known as “Big Data”. The varied tools that aid in the study of “data analytics “provide valuable insight to professionals engaged in this new branch of study.

The modern scenario of the field of big data or learning big data is facing a huge dearth of professionals who can add value to the enormous amount of data generated on a daily basis. This is the reason more and more professionals are being attracted to this lucrative field of data science by learning Hadoop Big Data. Students are in constant search of best Hadoop training and placement in Pune.

Hadoop – The technology of the future

Hadoop rightly termed as the technology of the future is here to stay. The technology of Hadoop is the key force behind all the latest and current social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc… Experts in the IT field strongly believe that Hadoop is likely to change the face of IT industry in an enormous way as it deals with processing of both unstructured as well as structured data and what really out there.

Hadoop offers enormous job opportunities to qualified professionals as there are very limited resources trained in the same.

Hadoop Training & Placement in Pune -Current Scenario

Pune a leading city in India is rightly termed as the” IT hub” as it provides an amalgamation of opportunities to students as well as IT professionals. As you can see in the above chart, Pune ranks 3rd with 11% share in the demand for Big Data in India after Hyderabad and Bangalore. For students and professionals wishing to get trained in the niche field of big data, Pune is the first and last choice. By gaining training in Hadoop, students can gather in-depth knowledge with respect to big data and put it to real industry based uses.

Getting trained in Hadoop or obtaining a Hadoop Certification from a reputed IT training Institute in Pune opens up a range of career opportunities such as Hadoop developer, Analyst, Administrator to Data scientist.

With a majority of firms operating today having realized the need for technology across varied domains; students and professionals with a certification in Hadoop are in great demand by these organizations and can easily reap the benefit of the same.

But the greatest question is whether students and professionals are really willing to undertake the study of big data and upgrade themselves by taking up the challenge to upgrade their skill to the latest technology? Making a foray into the field of big data is essential as it encompasses all areas of our lives irrespective of the fact whether we like it and want it or not.

SQTL is one of the best Hadoop training and placement institute in Pune offering hands-on training from industry experts and 100% placement assistance to all the students.

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