PERL for Test Automation

SQTL is one of the leading Perl Scripting Language for Test Automation training centers in Pune. We are one of the oldest automation training center in Pune with over 14000+ students trained till date. With us, you are assured of best training and 100% placement assistance.

Perl Scripting Langauge for Test Automation Course Contents:

1. Introduction to UNIX:

– Brief History
– Getting access to UNIX system and getting help in UNIX
– Knowing your test environment on UNIX
– Basic and useful commands in UNIX

2. Introduction to Perl:

– What is Perl?
– Structure of Perl scripts
– Writing and Running Perl scripts
– Scalar Variables in Perl
– Arrays and Associative arrays (hashes) in Perl
– Useful Perl functions for scalars and arrays.
– Flaw Control and Looping Structures
– Functions/Subroutines

3. Advanced Perl Scripting:

– Regular expressions in Perl
– File handling in Perl
– Perl Modules
– Test: Simple for basic automation
– Test: More modules for automating tests
– Test Harness and Test Framework development using Perl
– Various other Perl modules related to test automation.

4. Concluding Session

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