Quick Test Professional (Basic)

SQTL specializes in providing world-class (QTP) Quick Test Professional training. Our expert trainers will help you learn QTP easily that includes performance testing, functional testing, software testing life-cycle and testing tools.

Quick Test Professional (QTP) Course Contents:

Automated Testing using QTP 11

Quick Test Benefits In Test Automation

Prepare For Test Automation

  • Record and playback
  • Create and execute basic scripts
  • Understand and analyze quick test result

Different Recording Modes

How Quick Test Identifies Objects

  • Understanding the test object model
  • Managing the test object
  • Object identification
  • Object repository
  • Object spy

Synchronizing Tests

  • Add synchronizing steps
  • Global synchronizing settings

Creating Checkpoints

  • Enhance tests with checkpoints
  • Checking objects
  • Checking text
  • Checking bitmaps
  • Checking tables
  • Checking pages

Parameterize Tests

  • Defining data table parameter
  • Adding parameter values to a data table
  • Modifying steps affected by parameterization
  • Running and analyzing parameterized tests

Data Driving A test

Creating output values

  • Output and co- relation
  • Output runtime values
  • Capture and reuse runtime data

Use Regular Expressions

Benefits of Test modularity

  • Working with action
  • Creating tests with multiple action
  • Configure and call reusable action

Capture And Reuse Runtime Data

Local And Global Data Table

Custom Checkpoints

Use The Data Table To Creat Custom checkpoints

  • Data table formulas

Learning Virtual Objects

Defining And Using Recovery Scenarios

Running test In Batch Mode

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