Reasons for Job interview Rejections

Reasons Why Job Interview Candidates are Rejected

Here is the study conducted by Alpha T Knowledge that highlights key reasons why candidate gets rejected during the job interview process.


Poor Communication is leading the graph with 25% followed by

Lack of Etiquette and Technical ability with 24% and 19% respectively.

To overcome rejections – post all of the SQTL’s training courses – at the end of the training, we will spend half a day covering above topics and prepare candidates so they have upper-hand when it comes to hiring the right candidates.

Technical skills for an individual to develop and by doing training course at  SQTL one will have the benefit of learning extra skills with more hands-on practical experience so this will surely enhance one’s technical skills. Before you join any other institute do consider these factors.

In this competitive world, we highly recommend individual to equip themselves with as many extra skills as possible including soft skills as these are the one will make a real difference in landing that first job to getting the promotion at faster space than others. So do consider the future benefits with small investment now.

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