SOAP Testing (API Testing)

Course Name – SoapUI (API) TESTING

SoapUI is the leading open source API testing tool for SOAP as well other APIs such as REST web services, JMS, AMF, to make any JDBC or HTTP(s) calls. SQTL is one of the recognized SOAPUI testing tool training institutes in Pune offer best training from industry experts with rich experience working on live projects to individuals and corportate.


SaopUI Course Duration – Weekend Batches

SoapUI Course Syllabus

Web service Basics

  • What is web service?
  • Web service Example
  • Different types of Services: SOAP & REST

Setup Environment

  • Setup SOAPUI Free Version
  • Setup SOAPUI Pro Version
  • Free SOAP Web services
  • Difference between SOAP and Rest Services
  • Advantage of Rest Services over SOAP Services
  • UDDI

Jump into SOAP UI

  • What is SOAPUI
  • SOAPUI work hierarchy
  • First SOAP Test Case/SOAP Request test step

Properties at different SOAPUI level

  • Global properties
  • Project level property
  • TestSuite level property
  • TestCase Level Property

Test steps in SOAPUI

  • Delay Test Step
  • Groovy Script test step
  • Property test step
  • Manual Test Step
  • Run Test Case Step
  • Assertion Test step

Parameterization/Data driver test cases

  • Data Source-Data source Loop using Grid
  • Data Source looping using text file
  • Data Source looping using excel file
  • Data Sink Step
  • Data source Loop using Data sink
  • DataGen test step


  • Assertion: Contains & Not contains
  • SLA Assertion
  • Schema Assertion
  • SOAP Fault Assertion

Groovy Programming-Basic to Advance

  • Groovy coding environment setup
  • Class and  objects
  • Groovy Basics
  • Groovy Programming KickOFF
  • Programming Exercise-Number Swapping
  • Groovy Condition Handling
  • Programming Exercise-Check Even Odd
  • Groovy: Arrays
  • Groovy: For Loop
  • Groovy: While Loop
  • Groovy: For Each Loop
  • Programming Exercise: Prime Number
  • Programming Exercise: Fibonnaci series
  • Groovy String Handling


  • Log and Test runner object
  • Test Runner Object: Project object
  • Test Runner Object: TestSuite object
  • Test Runner Object: TestCase object
  • Groovy: Set Property Value
  • Groovy: Skip Test Step Execution
  • Groovy: Run test step by groovy
  • Groovy: Conditional execution of Test steps

Service Mocking in SOAPUI

  • SOAP Mock Service
  • Service Mocking-Dynamic Data

Advance Concepts

  • Add Requirements to project
  • Verify coverage of Services
  • Setup Environment :In case of different Execution environment
  • Setup Script: Execute Code at initial
  • Tear down script
  • Composite Project
  • Debugging
  • HTTP Monitoring

Database Connectivity in SOAPUI

  • JDBC Setup
  • JDBC Builder
  • JDBC connection at project level
  • Database connectivity using  groovy

XPATH and XQUERY Assertion

  • XPATH Assertion
  • XQuery Assertion in soapUI

Reporting in SOAPUI

  • Generating html reports in SOAPUI
  • PDF Report SOAPUI Pro

Nonfunctional testing

  • Load Test Case
  • Security Test Case

Rest Service testing

  • Create Rest Project|Suite|Case
  • More Steps in Rest Service Automation


  • Project: SOAP & REST
  • Certification: Preparation
  • Handle Response Data using groovy
  • Ready API

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