Quality Assurance, Infrastructure Management, Data & Analytics,. Cloud Computing.

Technology Services
IT Consulting & Services Offerings

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance solutions and services ensure your project works across all required platforms and environments. Our in-house experts have a wide variety of skills in the latest QA tools and technologies. We also have a proven track record of delivering cost-effective services, with a higher ROI and a reduced time to market.

Infrastructure Management

Our Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) and support services provide your organization with scalable solutions that adapt to your business needs. You can also count on our 24/7 Global Delivery Center to securely and virtually access application support, server management and helpdesk operations.

Data & Analytics

Our business intelligence experts are well versed in the language of data. From integration and analytics to performance, governance and reporting, this expertise — combined with our diversified domain proficiency — give us a leg-up on generic service providers.

Cloud Computing

Keeping your ROI at the core of everything we do, we design and develop solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Force.com and the Google App Engine. At the start of every project, our team assesses the cloud readiness of your applications and infrastructure, and aligns our solutions with your IT and business strategy, goals and objectives.

IT Consulting & Services Offerings

Our passionate consultants go beyond being traditional advisors and aggregators of past knowledge. They help develop bold innovations and new partnerships that empower their clients to disrupt their markets. They view business challenges differently and reimagine solutions leveraging design thinking; combine new and existing technologies to transcend the limitations of traditional software and accelerate the response of complex technology landscapes.

We have successfully defined, designed and delivered business value to global corporations across industries such as financial services, insurance, retail, CPG, logistics, healthcare, life sciences, energy, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications and services such as airlines and hospitality across the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Enterprise Architecture & Strategy

Whether it is an open-source or proprietary stack, we have a strong team of consultants who can tackle the toughest of your technology problems. Our enterprise architecture and strategy offering shows our expertise in planning, designing, implementation and governance of enterprise information systems. We are skilled in building customized solutions for a variety of clients.

Application Development & Maintenance

Our application development offerings help you to accelerate your product development with cutting-edge technologies, and quality standards that significantly reduce development costs. When it comes to maintenance, we cover all phases of the development cycle and offer on-call production support. Our 24/7 global enterprise model provides round-the-clock online support.